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How to improove your skill at CS:GO (aim better, understand the game, rank up an etc) - Training Programm

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Getting starded

First of all you need to tune your devices.
1)Get to know your's mouse DPI and Windows Sens (e.
mine is 400, 5/11) and set it up for yourself.
2)Be sure it's comfortable for you how your hands hold your keyboard and mouse.
3)Make sure you have medium sized mouse pad 4)Mind your earphones are good enough so you can hear steps of ur opponent! CS GO Settings 1)Write these down in "Launch options" - "-novid -high -console" 2)Make minimal video settings to get more fps.
Resolution is all about how you feel it personally.
But some monitors support higher Hz on lower res.
3)Mouse Settings - Raw Input, No Acceliration.
Ingame sensitivity and Crosshair So when you are done with CS GO video and mouse options, let's get to the most important and the last thing about settings.
This is your sens and crosshair.
Sens, for those who don't know is how fast you move your crosshair.
In two words, with "ur" sens you must feel free both to do kills and check corners so you don't get killed first.
Check out these videos on how to find your sensitivity: http://www.
com/watch?v=uxBuiD11WDM http://www.
com/watch?v=RwT5fXEloxg You might also need DPI Calculator: http://www.
php And use this website to generate your crosshair: http://tools.

Traing Plan

1)Traing Your reflex skills: Mission Red Flash-Game or www.
ru or look for training_aim_csgo (Spend 4 Mins: 3 mins m4/ak and 1 min awp - Only Classic Aiming - Do not forget you can change some options there) .
2)Download Aim_Botz Map from Workshop, launch it, fix bots, make them stand still, then try to headshot them for 6 Minutes: 2 Mins USP; 2 Mins AK; 2 Mins AWP on moving bots.
3) Deathmatch! Do not forget to Aim ONLY FOR HEAD.
Spray only at close range.
Make strafes.
5 Min P250; 5 Min AWP; 10 Min AK47; 10 Min M4A4 4)Arena 10 Min (Aim for Head) 5)Retake 10 Min 6)Faceit/CEVO/ESEA - The thing why i dont put Matchmaking first is because to improove your skill you need to practise with higher skilled players.
This is very important.
When you understand you have pretty descent aim, it's all about pugs.
Say if you have played like this for a while (for e.
let's suppose it to be 6 month), I bet you will be surprised how easy it is for you to win Valve's MM.

If you don't have that much of time

Just before the game do DM: Pistol/Rifle Which You Like/AWP 15 Min (5 min each) Or if you have no time for full PUG, play Retake servers, it's like mini version of CS:GO.

Economics and Tactics

Guys, this guide is not about eco and tactics, I just want to ask you to google it or search in community guides for it.
This is very important!


: Do not use official DM servers.
Except for different weapons/eco weapons warmup.
S: I know everyone has different amount of time.
So let's take a look at rising priorities starting from noob to pro: Aim training>Game training (like retake servers or pugs) P.
S:I don't force you to train weapons I like to train for the time I like to train.
It's up to you.
Probably you just want AK training (but don't train just Scout or AWP) Do so as u like.
And do as much as you want, 1hr DM, 2hr.
Up to you =) I decide smth in the middle - common weapons with average time.
Good luck have fun! Stay positive and optimistic to reach success!