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How to be a Håkansson

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Step 1. Name and more

You need to change your name, but you can't just change your name to "Håkansson".
go to google.
com and search for "common swedish names", then pick one that you like.
(as example "Olaf" or "Sven") next, go to your Steam profile and click edit profile then change your name to "*nameyoupicked* Håkansson" (as example "Sven Håkansson") after that you need(!) to change your profile picture.
for that pls go go to Step 2.

Step 2. Profile picture and more

Changing your picture Go here[imgur.
com] and download the Official "Håkansson" profile picture! (or just any swedish flag[imgur.
com] ) after that, go to your profile again and edit it again and choose the picture you just downloaded.
Change your country to Sweden.
thats it.
your done.
but your profile should now look like this: Now go to Step 3.
to Finnish your instruction!

Step 3. ???

Now you're Officially a Håkansson! You now have a 20% Hs Bonus in every game! (not proven) But if you want to be a real Håkansson Brother, pls go join the Official Håkansson Steam Group! There you can meet other Håkansson's.
(or not) All Håkansson Group Member's get a 50% RECOIL CONTROLL bonus!!!

Step 4. Profit

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Thank you.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit:if it happens that you didn't put "Sweden" but "Denmark" as country then you're not a Håkansson, you're a cousin of the Håkansson (a very far cousin.
he lives in a village and f*cks animals or something.
so don't put "Denmark" as country if you want to be a real Håkansson!! This is how it shouldnt look like.
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