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ESL One Cologne 2015 Team and Player Pick’Em Challenge

Опубликован 14.11.2020 в 06:00 | Рейтинг статьи: 224

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Team Pick’Em Challenge Day 1

*My pick'em choice: NiP, EnVy, Fnatic, Virtus.
Pro Good luck, have fun!

Team Pick’Em Challenge Day 2

Na`Vi Cloud9 NiP LG

Team Pick’Em Challenge Day 3

EnVy TSM Virtus.
Pro - 55% chance win, NiP - 45% Fnatic

Team Pick’Em Challenge Day 4 (Final Day!)

EnVy - 57% chance win, TSM - 43% Fnatic Grand Final Fnatic

Player Pick’Em Challenge HS%

f0rest (NiP) 2.
ScreaM (Kinguin) 3.
flamie (Na`Vi) 4.
Taz (Virtus.
Pro) or n0thing (Cloud9).
My choice n0thing (Cloud9) xD

Trophy and total points

92 points!!! Congratulation everyone with gold trophy! ^^ Trophy will be delivered in 3-7 days in your inventory! Fully screenshot of trophy I'll add later, after delivery Valve.