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CS:GO Abbreviations, terms and chat slangs

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At the start

live = match has started GL = Good Luck HF = Have Fun


ECO = 'saving round' players buy "nothing" to save money to the next round.
(you can buy small pistols like P250 or some nades It depends how much money do you have) anti-eco = If you know enemy team is going eco, so you buy weapons with high kill revard (MAC-10, PP-Bizon, Nova).
Hit/Lit = damaged Low = low hp (I use it under ~30hp) Strat= strategy Fake = Defuseing the bomb and relase to make the sound of the defuse.
OG = original gangster Smurf= Player has a second account with a lower rank to play with.
Save = When the team decide to hide and keep the weapons for the next round because is for example 5 vs.
need drop = If you dont heve any money to buy Kevlar Gun, and Nades, just Kevlar (and Nades) you can ask your team mates to drop you a gun.
ninja defuse = Defuse in smoke while the enemy team is alive.
demo= the replay file of a match.
(Top menu "Watch" -> "My Matches") call = When a player notify his teammates of an enemy position.
to boost = jumping on a teammates head to get to places what you cant reach on your own.
Bottom/Top fragger = Player with the highest/lowest amount of kills.
Tower = Stand on each others head and defend an area.
nade stacking = When players throw a sequence of grenades in a particular direction.
(Like mirage A smokes 1.
stairs 2.
jungle 3.
ct) stacking = When more players than usual defend or rush a bomb site.
Glock train = When the Terrorists rush a bombsite with just glocks in a line.
!!AND DONT STOP!! TK = Team Kill (When you hit or kill your team mate) FF = Friendly Fire ff = Forfiet nt = nice try stfu = Shut the fu*k up PUG = Pick Up Game KD = Your kills deaths and assists on te scorboard (like 10-2-2) 10-kill 2-assist 2-death.
You can devide this and you will get your KD-ratio if its 10-x-5 your KD-ratio is 2.
0 buy out = To buy as many things as possible because it's the last round of the half or game.
Get a Pick = Get a kill.
Entry frag = First important kill of the round.
rotate = A player leave "A" to go "B" because of the enemy.
Prefire -> shooting where you expect someone to be before actually seeing them sometimes through the wall.
Wall bang = If you kill or hit an enemy through the wall.
Ofc = Of course Derank = Lose rank Rank up = Gain rank AFK = away from keyboard (not playing right now) Trade kill = Your player got killd and you kill his killer.
M8 = Mate Ace = 5 kill 4K = 4 kill GH = good half

End game

bb = bye bye GG = Good game WP = well played EZ = easy EZPZ = easy peasy

Roles / Posts

IGL = in-game leader (If he low on kills dont blame him his focus is on the strategy) Entry Fragger = Who trie to pick the first enemy to gain advantage.
(If he died in the first 20 sec dont blame him, this post requires Balls Of Steel) AWPer = Who use the sniper rifle to get picks.
Lurk = The sneaky guy usually try to sneak behind the enemy alone.
Support = Trying to help to defend a site or cut a rush, retake a site.
Using nates watch our back or trade the kill.

Cheats / VAC

WH = wall hack.
ESP = Track through the wall Aim = cheats helps to hit the target.
Trigger = Auto shoot when the crosshair is on the enemy.
Radar = You can see the enemy always on your radar.
Spin Bot = Playr watching the ground then BOOM headshoot.
No recoil = No weapon recoil or spray.
Speedhack = Move faster Bypass = Anti overwatch DDOS = Overload the enemy's network.
VACation = VAC ban OW ban = Overwatch banIf you cheat you VAC will catch you.
every time.
ImportantAll VAC bans are permanent - Valve has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and will not lift VAC bans under any circumstances.


Molly = Incendiary / Molotov Decoy = - Flash = Flashbang HEG/Nade = high explosive grenade Smoke = Smoke granade


Karambit Butterfly Bayonet M9 Bayonet Huntsman Knife Gut Knife Flip Knife Falchion Knife

And a bit "How to blame each other"

Rage = beeing aggressive Toxic player = Who is annoying and depressing.
LOW = low skilled Newb = new player Noob = bad player L2p = Learn to play Silver = You know.
If you rageing to much you will get banned

Thanks for reading

This is my first guide, its a bit raw but I hope you like it.
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